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Originally Posted by JunJunJenn View Post
Their setup is kind of boring right now. They're in a 20 gallon about half full with a floating log and rocky substrate. Reptomin filter I think.
I want to upgrade them to a 40-50 gallon I found on the curb. I was thinking a sandy bottom with silk plants. I found a really cool filter structure at petco
But its only meant for 4-6 inches of water. Do you guys think I could create a slope to put this on and still get enough filtration?
also anyone have success with live foods?
Idk if this filter is powerful enough for a 40-50 G tank...I would get a canister filter and loose rocks to create my own water fall effect...I fell like with that filter you will be circulating a small amount of the water in the tank where a canister filter you would be able to have the input and output on opposite ends of the tank
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