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Originally Posted by sayurasem View Post
Man I should check SnS more! So if it looks like Marimo ball then what is it? Do you mind providing us with the plant name
It's called green carpet moss, I don't actually know the scientific name of the moss, ill let you know as soon as I find out.

Originally Posted by Oliver77
The small tanks hanging around the big ones are ... hob filters (??)
As SoothingShrimp mentioned, they are called marina hang on the back breeder boxes. You can get them on amazon and on eBay. They come in 3 sizes and range from 7-9$ each. But BEWARE do not purchase the breeder boxes with the brand Satellite. I purchased the large one on eBay for 30$... It's the exact same box as the marina brand except marina sells them for 9$

Originally Posted by acitydweller
I simply love this photo. Looks like a shrimp life support system of some sort. genius!
Thanks! It's multi-purposes. I lined each breeder box with a sponge material then covered it with gravel. I just try to get some extra filtration. AND I can keep more than 1 breed of neos without them interbreeding

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