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Lets get the screen working and go from there.

First off, you need to go to file - examples - ITDB02_Touch - Touch calibration.

Go through the steps, and it will give you 4 numbers. Write these numbers down, you'll need them for the next step

Next, go to libraries - ITDB02_Touch Folder, open it and go to ITDB02_Touch.cpp
You want to edit this file. Open the file and look for this line:

#define PixSizeX -15.38
#define PixOffsX 213
#define PixSizeY 11.15
#define PixOffsY 311

Enter the 4 numbers that you got from your touch screen calibration here, then save the file.

Next, open the Jarduinio sketch, make sure this one line looks like below:

//(Mega Shield utilizes pins 5V, 3V3, GND, 2-6, 20-41, & (50-53 for SD Card))
ITDB02 myGLCD(38,39,40,41); //May need to add "ITDB32S" depending on LCD controller
ITDB02_Touch myTouch(6,5,4,3,2);

Once you do this it should compile and be able to upload.


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