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Originally Posted by ddrfreak_tung View Post
well if budget isnt a problem then i'd go with aquasoil, but depending on how large your tank is it could get expensive, i dont suggest the undergravel heater, they could get annoying if something goes wrong and you have to remove it esp when your plants has rooted in it.

If it was me and i had a choice in equipment, id ask for either a lighting fixture or a co2 unit, they're usually the most pricey item when it comes to the hobby.
The eheim aquastyle 9 - Comes with an led fixture and filter.. here are it's specs...

I'm not sure how bright the light is as it's LED, uses 7 watts and so-on. I did a search on here and from what I've gathered, people seem inclined to say it's medium light approaching high. But I'm not sure... as for Co2, I'm not sure about budget either...but I think I'm going to skip out on that for now and just focus on getting the substrate right. I' need help with figuring out what I'll need for the water parameters too... Which products will give me the greatest advantages and so-on. Lets say from now on that the budget is around $100. The tank is only around 9 gallons and it's footprint is approx 12 inches by 12 inches and 14 inches tall..

For the heater I was looking at eheim's/jager? - it's the smallest one and only costs around $20. I figured I'd ask around about the cable one I could hide in the sand because it would help my' tank look less like it's got gear in it.. The filter this tank comes with I intend to obscure with tall plants "which I've not yet decided on yet."

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