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Plz Help me quickly make the right choices

Hey everybody, I'm very new to this forum but I need some help. I recently aquired an eheim aquastyle 9 as a birthday present. The person who got it for me also needs me to supply them with a list of what I need for it... I'm not sure if there's a budget involved but I figure if there might be I could aim for higher quality and maybe get the less expensive items myself at a later time if need be.

Alot of this seems like I would have to research for weeks and I only have about 4 days lol so, if anyone could help me speed up the process that would be appreciated.

I would guess the first thing I would need to pick is the substrate system. I want one that's going to last a long time and keep my' plants fed. I want a tank with minimal maintenance and high performance and from what reading I've been doing - aquasoil looks like the choice.. I also want a natural looking beach area in my' scape ultimately, I've been reading articles and forum threads but I'm still uncertain. I could go with just using aquasoil but I want a layered and organic/mixed natural look if that makes anysense. I was thinking I could use aquasoil and then cap it with aquasoil mixed with some kind of decorative sand. Speaking of sand, I've seen some heaters you can line at the bottom of a tank, it's a cable and you put sand over it that a better option than say, the kind you hang in the water?

Also, are the additives "such as bacter?, iron. penac" are they worth getting? - I want my' plants to keep a nice green color "unless they're supposed to be red or something" I also want my' water to be absolutely crystal clear "as does everyone here I suppose lol" -- Help, complete total noob here.
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