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Sorry for the delay guys! Since starting the tank I bought a new camera as the old one took a crap in the middle of planting. So unfortunately I don't have any pics of the first few weeks. The tank was cycled after 8 days and I added fish on the 18th of October.

10 Dwarf Hairgrass pots
20 Dwarf Baby Tears pots
6 Stems of Red Hornwort- soon to be gone

4 Licorice Gouramis
5 Micro Rasporas (Boraras Micros)
1 Unknown Tetra (he blends in with the gouramis and may think he is one)
4 Ghost Shrimp
2 Cory Cats
1 Horseface Loach

Bits came in from Amazon. The UV sterilizer was for this tank.

ADA Powder

Routing behind the tank

Different so no mixing up inflow and outflow

Sterilizer mounted up underneath


Solution for a bunch of tiny runners

Lily Pipes

Fast forward a couple of weeks

Plants have runners going

Did a trim the other night

Fish seem to love this

I've been fighting with the carpet. I think its a mixture of not enough light and not enough current. I'll be trying some experiments later this week to help.
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