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Originally Posted by Shimagoma View Post
Coxi are pretty tiny! they can be pretty defensive but they are amazing as far as color and can be kept in pairs!
green bush is more on the advanced end but is also small!
another awesome more red snake.

ratsnakefoundation has a lot of snakes that you can look through, coxi and the mandarin rat snake are my two top pics, just because they are rare-ish but small in size, fairly common to see captive bred when you find them and even though they might get a little "long" they tend to be very thin and tiny. Same thing for the rhino rat, thin bodied but VERY long which changes the cage requirements!
Thanks for these tips! Those look like good possibilities. I really like the idea of a green arboreal snake in a planted viv. Would these snakes be OK in a 18 X 18 or 18 X 24 enclosure?

I bet these tropical rat snakes would be compatible with plantings made primarily with orchids and other epiphytes mounted securely in place.
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