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Originally Posted by tomfromstlouis View Post
I'll jump in. I agree that discus are beautiful but I do not think you can call them low maintenance since they require more water changes than a tetra tank would. If you do decide to leap that direction, I would encourage you to pick one variety to avoid what I call the "clown tank" look of too many jolting colors. Paul's fish are quite beautiful, but I think the overall effect would be improved if he stuck with all blue, or yellow or whatever discus. Just my opinion of course.

BTW I have a 220 with a school of 45 rummynose in it and they are really fun to watch. Shrimp safe too, although a group of larger cichlids clearly would not be.

As for the thousand endlers idea, I am doing something like that in my 75. Early days for me, but a large mass of them is coming within a year. They do not school btw.
As far as water changes, are we talking once a week or what? That could be a deal breaker right there. No problem with once a week, but do not have the time for more than that, given how much water has to be changed.

And if I went for a large mass of fish, they would have to school. Thanks for the info.

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