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Originally Posted by MikeS View Post
Nice, the ones I like are on the list. Just saw have a section for warm water/discus. No anubias? hmm. lover that plant, especially the jumbo ones. Will definitely try anyways.

Do they have certain substrate needs? I have substrate, kinda like kitty litter, and love it. It has a grayish tint, and I usually plant dwarf sag which basically makes it like a lawn after seeveral months. I do not have a problem in keeping some areas non planted.

Saw a video and the roseline sharks seem to be compatible. My buddy has my 8 fish in his tank now while mine is down. Told him they would be his if I went another direction. Guess he will be bummed. lol

Anubias ? I have them on my list, did you notice? - they do well in the higher discus temps.
I have a dozen of them on the DW in my tank.

Mike, your substrate should be ok, particularly in your size of tank, and if it's not too deep. Harder to keep clean than PFS though, so you would need to be sure you're doing a good vacuuming job on occasion. Carpeting that substrate with plantings could make it more difficult to keep the tank very clean - I'd advise against doing that, at least until you get a good routine down pat & become quite familiar with keeping discus.
Give discus quite a bit of swimming space. And discus can be slightly messy eaters, so you don't want to have a lot of uneaten food getting hidden away where you can't see it.

Roseline sharks (Denisonis) are not generally good, compatible tank-mates for discus - too active, and may tend to stress the slower-moving discus.

It also looks like you can mix the different discus. Any advice on that, or is it all up to the coloring I want?

That's all a matter of personal preference. Just do what suits you. Mix or match however you please.

Originally Posted by MikeS View Post
And would be better to plant the tank and have some of the inhabitants in there, and then gradually turn up the temp over days/weeks, then add the discus?

That's likely a very good idea.

Originally Posted by tomfromstlouis View Post
I'll jump in. I agree that discus are beautiful but I do not think you can call them low maintenance since they require more water changes than a tetra tank would. If you do decide to leap that direction, I would encourage you to pick one variety to avoid what I call the "clown tank" look of too many jolting colors. Paul's fish are quite beautiful, but I think the overall effect would be improved if he stuck with all blue, or yellow or whatever discus. Just my opinion of course.

BTW I have a 220 with a school of 45 rummynose in it and they are really fun to watch. Shrimp safe too, although a group of larger cichlids clearly would not be.

As for the thousand endlers idea, I am doing something like that in my 75. Early days for me, but a large mass of them is coming within a year. They do not school btw.

You're right, discus are not what you call 'low maintenance', but they're not high maintenance either, particularly if you have good filtration and ensure you don't push the bio-load limit for the tank.
In a large tank like Mike has, with a reasonably low number of fish, not too heavily planted, and with good-sized adult, or near adult discus, one can readily get by with one wc a week, of say 30% -40%. That's not high maintenance, imo.

As for mixing or matching discus, as I said earlier, it's totally personal preference. I've kept single strain discus tanks, as well as just 2 strains together, and 3 or more strains. Single strain tanks are very nice, but not for everybody - I prefer some contrasting coloration amongst the discus, although I don't care for discus tanks that contain every color under the rainbow ! LOL
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