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Are you doing a planted tank or a reef tank? The specs on the Marineland in this thread say it is technically more p;owerful than the Ray2, but in a way that is more suited to corals (and algae) unless it is at least a foo tover the tank.

The Finnex Ray2 would be a perfect high-power light for a planted tank, but it will look differnent as the Marineland is 10,000k light (very white/blue for reef tanks) and the Finnex for planted tanks is 7,000k light (warmer, white yellow like sunlight).

They do make a Finnex Ray2 with similar reef like lighting (bleach bright and blueish) if you really like that look.

Would need to know a lot more about your tank to make a recommendation, but I would rather have the Finnex myself. (and it will cost quite a bit less)

Are you:
growing plants?
injecting Co2?
how big is your tank (in gallons and height in inches)?
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