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Originally Posted by sayurasem View Post
Btw what is the plant on the left corner? Looks like just a flat green square.
It's called green carpet moss. I had some for sale but it's all sold out if you want some in the future let me know.

Originally Posted by NeoShrimp
Correct. Almost all wood once submerged in water will have that. Not harmful just unpleasant to look at.
Over time does it go away?

Originally Posted by alipper
Sweet tank, where are you located in CT?
Thanks man, I'm in Glastonbury.

Originally Posted by GMyukonon24s
Nice setup! I like all the different compartments. I like the shrimp too
Thanks, I'm actually trying to see if shrimps would breed in those small compartments. I know that people have done breeding in the large breeder box. But I'm experimenting with with the smaller box. I have PFR in the front medium box and blue velvets in the medium box in the back. It's been 2 weeks. No berried females yet. But all the females are saddled. If anything I can just use the boxes as moss grow out tanks.
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