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Originally Posted by driftwoodhunter View Post
Took me a while to take a shot, but here it is, it's only a few months old and I have a lot to do to it yet. Being a low tech tank the growth is very, very slow, but I like it that way...

The crinum on the far left were just planted yesterday and will straighten out more, the clump of foating plants on the right is Brazilian Pennywort and it broke loose from the stems planted in the middle of the tank. It makes such a great floater that I'm going to leave it (although spread it out some)
Holy Cats! I am blown away! Your tank is incredible! It looks like it never ends and you could just swim under that huge piece of wood and away in an underwater forest! I have my Pennywort doing the same ting. My Betta and smallest Angel like to "creep" through the stuff all the time. The little Angel actually positions itself completely on it's side and slices through it. First time I saw this, I ran to the tank really upset thinking s/he died and was stuck in the plants!

I just saved this to my desktop so I could get a closer look. Breathtaking!
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