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I have 2 questions that I wold like to address. One the them everyone could benefit from and the other question is more specific to my setup.

I have a coralife 36" T5HO fixutre with 2 39w bulbs
1. 6,700K BULB
2. Colormax BULB

I currently have the fixture lifted 15 inches from the substrate which is about 40PAR; however, I read somewhere that the colormax bulbs don't provide as much PAR value as the regular 6,700K would. Is this true? Has anyone tested the colormax PAR values?

I also have a recessed canister in my ceiling that give off light to this tank. It is a single LED 13w 800lumes bulb about 32" from the substrate at the front of my tank. My question is, how much will this effect my PAR?
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