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Finally got a couple terrestrial plants in, and I'd love to show you, but photobucket is down for the time being. I added a wee baby hen-and-chicks baby that wasn't doing too hot outside, and a branch of lemon thyme. I really love the thyme, it looks like sagebrush...and kinda like a cascading bonsai to me. Unfortunately, I don't know how well they'll do in the dirt they're in. It's really heavy clay soil that holds in water like mad, and can be very hard and tough... I may need to replant them into something a bit more friendly.

Also, my tillandsias finally shipped! Unfortunately I might lose them all before I get them...very bad coordination of shipping time and a wood carving show I can't miss. Also, it's decided to be winter today. Snow and cold and sun, gotta love Eastern Washington. The plants come in on Saturday, I get back Sunday or your bets now.
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