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So over the months after my failed tank. The plants went to hell and I more or less and took a hiatus to re-examine my method. I did realized I couldn't keep up with the high demands, laziness settled in after i had a discouraging algae bloom that I could not control. I thought I'd give it a chance but this time, instead of my ad hoc high tech approach, I settled for the low tech method instead.

Here is the list of flora I plan to order:
3 x Sagittaria, Dwarf (Order comes in 10 plants per order)
3 x Bacopa australis
2 x Hygrophila corymbosa Angustifolia
4 x Anubias, Nana (Anubias Barteri v. Nana
3 x Hornwort (Ceratophyllum demersum)
3 X Telanthera Rosefolia (Alternanthera reineckii)

I posted this in the low tech segment and got some pretty good feedback. There were a few that I had to take out but overall good selection.

Adjusting my lights, I'm at 2 x 39w T5HO bulbs and hope that I'm not over doing it. I've been cycling the tank for a month already and didn't notice any outbreaks.

I've even added a current circulator to boost up the tanks current by about 13%. The main issue I had with my old tank was there were too many dead zones. Adding more circulation I hope that it will help mitigate dead zones.
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