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Originally Posted by chibikaie View Post
Ugh. Missed a water change due to getting back so late and feeling sick from the storm, was going to do it this morning but then had to run around like crazy because my big rabbit also decided to get sick so I had to pack her up to take her to the vet - did it just now and ARGH. I can arrest the development if I do the daily poop vacuum. Miss a day and it starts to encroach again. I need to do a bigger water change, I think. I should just get the water change hose even if I only use it to refill the tank after draining it. Running around with a two gallon bucket is NOT cutting it.

Spec, hope yours is doing better. I wonder if I should add melafix now, it's bacteriostatic ...
Oh, the daily care can be so delicate!

Yours is a Goldie? One of the Goldies at my workplace is I'll, and won't eat even if I soak the flakes in garlic juice.

My girl is still spunky, though pale bc of the change in tank size.
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