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Originally Posted by Hilde View Post
That is only enough light for the ferns. I think with 3-25 watt or 2-32 watt cfls everything but the Dhg will survive

I don't use heaters anymore but have fish that are only a few dollars.
Not sure I agree on that, the tank is only 12" deep, add substrate and we are 10". I did change my mind and might go to 3 13w 6500k cfls in clamp housings.

Here's where it's home will be in my basement. I have to finish out the counter this weekend. I'll probably hang a curtain or something over the hole where the fridge was. I'm going to keep the battery backup, power strips, and timers in there.

I picked up some pvc to make a light stand, clamp lights, blasting sand, and some other goodies.

The MGOPM is on it's second soak today. I'm going to go look for some rocks this weekend.

Now I'm thinking about getting an Eheim canister.
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