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I've tried mashing some of the bigger particles before and after putting it in boiling water. Still has some fairly big particles and some smaller particles left. And yes I stir it vigorously, mash some more, then put it back in the microwave and still has particles remaining. I usually try to pour the water mixture in the tank and then when I get to the bottom of the container pour it into the HOB filter but for some reason it doesn't usually come out and then when I add more water from the tank to the container the big chucks fall out.

I may try the stainer and/or mortar pestle options.

Appreciate all the relies. At least I know other people do get it more dissolved than I do so there's hope. LOL

EDIT: I should add that the GH booster is kept in my basement apartment which is kept pretty cool. Temps running around 60 degrees right now, so don't know if that might have anything to do with it not dissolving quicker even when boiled. I couldn't believe it didn't dissolve when boiled AND reboiled. I know the cold temps affect my Nitrate test kit solutions ... instead of shaking it for 30 seconds I have to shake it for almost a min. or even longer when it gets colder. I can tell if it's too "thick" when I put the first drop in the tube.

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