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Goodie, Goodie, Goodie! Plants. Are. Enroute! PWC today.

I am very excited about what's to come! I had to make a change concerning my XL canister filter (never used) because when I set it up yesterday, even though it fits in my stand, the design of the stand will make maintenance a huge pain in the keester and I am aiming for "smooth, enjoyable times" with my tank. Not equipment battles LOL! Also, the 3 bags of substrate will not be enough. So, I ordered 3 more bags of Eco-Complete and 2 Medium Canisters. Should be here around the same day as the plants!!!

Depending on the order on which things arrive, I may have to modify the current plan of action. We'll see.

Here's what I'm hoping for; Eco-Complete order arrives. Remove the fish and get aggressive with the substrate finishing it in time for the plants to arrive! Add the hardscape and hopefully the plants will arrive same day or following day. I have sketched up a couple prospective scapes to assist in aligning everything. Since I do already have fish, I want to get my scape right the first time. A minor adjustment here and there is fine. I just hope I can do this and be happy with the layout!

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