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I love the figuring in that wood. Love to use it in a cabinet project. One thing on biscuits. They go great with a little butter on them.

OK seriously. Don't count on them for any real strength. Testing has proven that they add little to none. The glue is doing 98% of the holding. (I was an avid biscuit user for a long time) The last two years I've been using a tongue and dado for strength and alignment. "Discovered" it at a wood working show/sale/expo here in Florida. I resisted for a while (old methods were too ingrained) and now I can't believe how easy it makes things go. Like other joinery it's not for all situations. The skill comes from knowing when to use something and when not.
Your cabinet bottom appears to be just a butt joint. Why no dado to give support and eliminate the need for the metal ells?

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