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Originally Posted by orchidman View Post
you should be able to do it still. ive grown macrandra in low light before, it just doesnt get quite as red, more of a reddish brown on the tips, and the rest is greener.

here is mine..going for a minimalistic look here

flora: Anubias barteri 'Micro' (leaves the size of pencil erasers) and Eleocharis 'Belem'
fauna: Black orchid crowntail betta

I havent gotten a high quality photo of the tank since i added the Hairgrass, sorry. took these with my phone (still fighting a little diatoms at the time of the pic)

mms_picture.jpg 2 by orchidman10, on Flickr

mms_picture.jpg by orchidman10, on Flickr

here is the betta

avatar by orchidman10, on Flickr

and a high quality pic before the haigrass
DSC_0009.jpg by orchidman10, on Flickr
Thats a very cook nano...nice lines.
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