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If the sensor life expectancy lasts even half of the predicted >15 years quoted on the supplier site that could be an interesting pro for the new CO2 sensor vs pH probe systems as well.

Assuming 1 year life span on double junction probes. (8 -14 months has been my personal experience) @ 35 bucks a probe. This obviously adds up.

And please tell me if I should be using better probes. that give me better longevity. Ive been going with the Milwaukee's and been happy with them since I usually get a year out of them with monthly calibration and gentle cleaning.

Tom, while I understand what you are saying about lag time and the sensor not being all that responsive, i think there is still one major advantage here.

While the pH meter obviously has served us well and can tell us the maximum amount of CO2 that could be dissolved in our water for a given KH. This could finally help the hobbyist with more money than sense, that won't listen to me that the number on the chart is a maximum and continues to insist that his pH/KH chart tells him that he has 100ppm CO2 so his lackluster plant growth could not possibly be from lack of CO2

But seriously Mistergreen I am excited about this. As a group I don't think aquarists accept change well. Its nice to see someone pushing the limits with new tech.
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