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GH Booster - how to dissolve it

I prefer to mix my dry ferts with water and dose that way. If I dose dry my fish get all excited thinking it's food and then are very disappointed when they take a taste and find out it's not. Also, in the case of the GH booster is doesn't seem to dissolve very quickly leaving white spots & chunks all over the aquarium and plants. I've tried crushing it as good as I can but doesn't seem to help much. I'm not sure if GH booster can "burn" the plants or not if it sits on the leaves until it dissolves. Also noticed some of the white powder stuck on my fish. I know it will eventually dissolve but I just don't feel very comfortable with it that way.

I've tried boiling water first then adding the powder to the water but it still doesn't dissolve. Even boiled the water again and still didn't dissolve. Let sit for a couple days and still hadn't dissolved. And 1 tsp doesn't seem to dissolve very quickly in 60 or so gallons of water in the tank.

So .. does anyone know how to get the GH booster to dissolve? Or how much water is takes to dissolve 1 tsp?

Also, does it hurt anything dosing more GH Booster than is recommended using EI method? For example, in my 75 gal lowish light, low tech tank, it's recommended to dose tsp 1x weekly. I was experimenting with doing water changes every 2 weeks instead of weekly. However, I found my GH drops from 6 degrees to about 2 degrees in 2 weeks. I'm not sure why that is but thought I could dose GH booster 2x/week to see how that works out if there's no adverse effects in doing so. Just FYI, I'm using a modified EI dosing regime based on lower light and water changes less often .. EXCEPT for the GH booster.
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