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Originally Posted by Darkblade48 View Post
How did I not see this thread before. High fidelity music is another one of my hobbies

I'm currently using a pair of Denon AD-2000 with a Fiio E17 as DAC/amp out of my laptop listening to FLAC. I have some Audio Technica A700x as well as a pair of Hifiman ReZero's (inner ear) for outdoor listening.

Maybe the Hifiman's ReZero would be good for you (they are inner ear). Since you have a lot of locations that you use your headphones at, I assume portability is an issue. In addition, anything open would be out of the question, since you listen to them at work, on the airplane, etc and wouldn't want to disturb the people next to you (again, I assume...)

If portability is not an issue, there are always some closed headphones (Audio Technica M50s, etc) that you might be able to snag at that price range if they are on sale/open box.
The RE-262 would also be a great suggestion. They are a warmer headphone, but have a fantastic sounds. They run $150 new. Cool thing about HiFiMan, they accept returns if you don't like the earphones. Not many others will do that.

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