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Originally Posted by chinachilla View Post
But I think that moss walls usually tend to grow out instead of across (in between the mesh). You best bet would be to trim it back periodically, and then maybe insert the clippings into the mesh to try to spread it out more evenly if you want a thick wall, rather than just growing out into the tank.
Hi Chinachilla! I am contemplating doing a bit of a rebuild on the moss wall as I am not satisfied with the mesh that is currently in place, I may also be removing it and trying some other things with it, this is my sort of experiment tank

If not I know that I will be starting to look at a moss wall on a larger scale in a 20L that I am looking at building, I am just messing around trying to get some mechanics down atm but I def will keep updates coming

Originally Posted by aquariumcentral View Post
Hey man the problem with your moss wall is that you are using java moss.
There are a lot of better types of moss that would be better suited for this application. Maybe try fissidens moss it's worked good for me in the past.
Aquarium - yea I have been looking into that, when I first started this moss wall a few months back and stuffed it full I was kinda just messing around with the entire planted tank push, I have been getting much more into it since xD I have been getting a very soft spot for Fissidens and am really planning on dropping it into my next tank any idea on how long it takes to fill out ?

Added this weeks shot and starting transition to phase two of my plan

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