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What a week it's been

So now that things seem to be in a much more stable place in the tank I thought that I would give an update as to what I've done

Things added this week
  • More rocks for caves for some Bristlenoses coming in I can't wait!!!!
  • Pfertz Root tabs -- already seeing POSITIVE results
  • About 3 dozen ghost shrimp (traded in some guppies trying to get rid of them -- the guppies)

Things taken out
  • About 6 Adult Female Guppies (all quite ready to give birth) and some fry Off to the LFS but they were Fancy Guppies so someone will get a bundle of joy MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Did a good trimming - Having quite a bit of success with excel in getting rid of the BBA and haven't seen much being added so I think I have everything balanced out
  • About 1/3 of a bucket of plant trimmings between the Fern, some moss that was BBA ridden, and trimmed back other plants

Other good things this week
  • Bristlenose Plecos coming in Added small hiding areas througout the tank and created 3-4 mini caves for them
  • Made a cave area out of the xmas moss in the left hand side of the tank
  • Shrimp population seems to not be dying off as bad as it was
  • I'm seeing a small section of snails surviving in the tanks, I am sure they came in with some plants but are quite readily cleaning up the algea that I have been killing off, soon they will meet their end with the YoYo loaches
  • The Amazon swordlet plants have been doing great in the three days since I added the pfertz and are growing nicely

I had a great week with Algea this week and I think that I am starting to come out of the woods now using excel in conjunction with my CO2 setup (WOOT WOOT) I only had to scrape a few quarter size areas of the glass this week where the previous weeks I had been scraping basically the entire tank walls!

In other news my buddy is still tinkering with the PH controller, it's not any of the chips or processors so he's moving on to the resistors and diodes and fun stuff Can't wait to have that to get that running in the tank. I am also trying to plan out some other changes including covering the back wall with black, and working on some LED moonlights for late night viewing

Anyways onto the things which I am sure you all want to see....This week's pics!

Here is a full shot of the tank
Click image for larger version

Name:	50.JPG
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Some great growth from everyone in the tank, especially the carolina!
Click image for larger version

Name:	51.JPG
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Click image for larger version

Name:	52.JPG
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So you can see I did quite a bit of trimming and I rebunched and replanted the trimmings from the Carolina, it's starting to get fuller over there which is what I wanted, soon I will let it start taking off and then I will be sharing

Anyways guys thanks for viewing and for all of the awesome help I have been getting the last few weeks, I am seeing so much come around in this tank and my wheels are spinning for more tanks to come!

As always your comments and suggestions are always welcome!!!!!

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