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Originally Posted by Sethjohnson30 View Post
I'm thinking in gonna heavily plant this with stems but I need more here's my plant list so far

Echinodorus Vesuvius
Rotala macrandra
Rotala rotundifolia
Hygrophylia sunset
Ludwigia repens
Diandra(what the Lfs said)
Madagascar lace
Crypt wendti
Lymphnophilla aromatica
Dwarf Anubias

I want more stems, and in still trying to figure out if I wanna go with hc, dhg, or? For my carpet.

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Oooo, I think the HC would be gorgeous as your carpet in this tank! You have a lot of reds and pinks which will look amazing behind your bright green carpet. I am not very knowledgable about plant care but I did look up each one of your plants on the list, and they all are beautiful and most have the same requirements (from what I researched briefly) The low light lovers will be great for the transition from tall to carpet. Love this! I can't to see what happens!
Didiplis Diandra is a very pretty plant. Never heard of it before and of course had to look it up.

Since you want more stem plants, here are a few to think about:
Cabomba Caroliniana is a nice green, bushy stem plant. Pogostemon stellatus has the greatest leaf structure IMO. Blyxa japonica is a grassy-like stem plant that could be used in transition? Bocopa is pretty nice too. You didn't say anything about moss, but, if you could design it with a spot for Christmas Moss that would be a nice touch. Also, Brazillian Pennwort plant is really cool.

Okay...probably more suggestions than you were looking for. I am great at going overboard!

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