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More updated cell phone pics:

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^my evil face

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^slowly winning the war on BGA

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I changed the lighting to an odyssea 20" T5HO fixture. 2 18W bulbs, one 6500K 1 Plant bulb. It's got a more pinkish hue which really brings out the reds in the Dracaena and cherry barbs and intensifies the greens of the Spathiphylums more. I looked at Hoppy's chart for this fixture and calculated how far above the substrate the light is, and it's less than 40, so I'm still low tech.

The crypt tropica in the planter on the far left is losing the fight with the Brazillian Sword. I may have to make a move later this month. There's also some open raft real estate in front of the Dracaena...
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