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I will be using 2 48" 2x 32w shop lights. Using 4 Aqueon bulbs from petsmart, 2 colormax and 2 floramax. The lights will be hooked up to a timer, I plan on using the 2 colormax bulbs on the front fixture and leaving them on 13 hours 9am-10pm, and to have the floramax come on for 2 hours in the middle of the day 11a-1p , and then again from about 4p to 9p. I just finished working on the stand for the lights, I used 2x4s to make 2 L shape stands to hang both lights on above the tank. It is the only way I will be able to have easy access to the tank. I just hope that hanging the lights roughly 28" above the substrate will be enough light for growth. I have a glass top that will be on and fit to the tank over the DIY pvc overflow and the return. I painted the light stand gloss black to match the stand, and I will be painting the pvc with krylon fusion most likely black to help hide the uglyness of pvc. The sump is a 20Long, I will be making a DIY wet/dry filter, I will be using the submersible uv sterilizer rated to 100g, and 2 300w heaters in an open concept sump leading into a freshwater refugium using several moss balls, and floating pond plants, then the bubble trap to the pump an Aqueon quietflow AQ1700. Rated for 449gph at 83" head height, so about 5 times the tank volume per hour. I will be seeding the tank with my 29 filter media, I am diligent with water changes on the current tank and nitrates barely register on the dipstick. Going into this 90g, Im planning to do about 5g water changes each day using 1/2 tap and 1/2 ro. Hoping the sump design will help me to keep the nitrates down while only doing small daily water changes. If anyone has any thoughts on the growth conditions for my plants in this setup, please let me know. I'm hoping that with the tight fitting lid on the tank it will slow gas exchange in the tank and leave the sump to help suck in co2 from the atmosphere, and the floating plants( when the lights out.) I will have pictures up tomorrow after I attach the lights to the tank. I can hardly wait, I hope it looks as professional as it does in my head.
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