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Found your Journal Yippee! Your Manzanita is gorgeous! I love all the little branches. If you would have trimmed them it would have taken away the uniqueness of it IMO. It's not too often we see branches with so many splitting branches.

It's hard to say if you should put another piece on the other side. Depends on how much swimming room you want for your fish and how many plants you want. If you were going to heavily plant, and used a lot of verticle plants, especially those with red in them and some Vals, you may not want more wood in there. Or, you could choose a smaller (but similar looking piece) to create depth. Put the smaller piece closer to the front far left reaching diagonally towards the back right???? Maybe? I'm just brain storming outloud. Another thing you could do is get two more pieces smaller than the first and the last smaller than the second and place them with smallest being on the opposite end then the largest. Hmmm.

Another nice option would be to find some interesting large rocks to add near the base of the wood and choose varying sizes placing them largest to smallest until they are small at the other end of the tank.

Options...aren't they great!?
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