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Had a parakeet for a number of years, lived to be about 10 while we had it. We found it in my yard as an adult, flew to my finger from the tree when called during the winter. No idea how old it was when we got it. Very smart, talkative, liked to cuddle and love on earlobes and ride in shirt pockets. Great bird.

Tried our luck with a conure a couple years back. Got it from a breeder, hand fed, young. We sucked it up for a couple months but the noise was just unbearable. Also, could simply not get it to quit biting. I've worked with birds before, and maybe I did not have the patience for this one, but we ended up rehoming it. Still noisy, still bites.

I would like to try a parrotlet sometime, but for now dogs and fish are our thing.
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