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I will try and get pictures up tonight. My tank is gassing a little bit, starting about the 20th, so 18 days and it was bubbling by itself. On about 10/18 I put the runt discus in this tank so he could get some food. Petsmart was also running a sale so I grabbed an oto and some black phantom tetras to keep him/her/it company. I have been changing at least 5 gallons a day and vacuuming up the mold since no one wants to eat it. I have also started patting down the gravel to release any gasses each night while doing the water change. I also added a bulb packet and a fern thing. Pictures to come tonight.

Side note: Petsmart had the $1 a fish sale so I added about 16 tetras to the 20 gallon and the plants have taken off! I must not have had enough poo in the tank for the plants to use?


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