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BOGO sale! Select species only!

I need tank space! My time crunch is your gain! Select species are buy one get one free- get ‘em while they are hot!

Heat packs will be used, unless I am specifically told not to. My temps are a bit brisk, so required for these temperatures. As always, Fed Ex or USPS Express preferred.

On to the sale! Remember, all these species are buy one get one free- please email with the total amount you want, and the 50% discount will be applied. Please provide zip code for estimates, and remember, no gift-payments and include your daytime phone number for labeling purposes.

Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi (black neons)- $2- GREAT schoolers!

Hyphessobrycon amandae (ember tetra) $2 – A male from this group won third place in the Catfish Convention fish show!

Danio choprae (glowlight danio) – $3

Oryzias woworae (Daisy’s ricefish) $4.50

Pomacea diffusa (Mystery snails): ivory, magenta, and purple $2

Ameca splendens (Butterfly goodeid): subadults/juvies $5- Father won best of class for goodeids at the Catfish Convention

Oerichthys crenuchoides (Drape fin barb)- $3.50- one of my favorite fish.
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