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Originally Posted by defiant View Post
Hello Kai,
Ive been gone from the planted tank scene for a while and this is my first post since coming back home. I love the way your tank looks and the placement of the rocks. The riccia more than likely hitch hiked in with your hc and its gonna be really hard to get rid of it. Riccia from my experience doesn't like Excel dosing. This is how I got rid of my Riccia but be very carefull because most plants do not respond well to Excel also. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing how your tank progresses.
Damn! Welcome back! I feel honored that you're checking out my journal. I was inspired by a lot of the 12 gallons on this site, but yours was the only one I saw in person and I was amazed.

I kinda like the riccia the way it looks now, but yeah I know what it's going to turn into. I think I got it all out(probably not).

Thanks again for stopping by.

The pictures don't do the tank justice but let me remind everyone what your tank looked like.

These were taken from the aquascapes show 2011.

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