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Originally Posted by Overgrowth View Post
I don't know why, but I don't really seem to mind sticking my hand into a tank with shrimp, but I'm really afraid of copepods touching me. Also, I've come to accept copepods as a part of shrimp tanks, only the 20L I'm setting up is my show tank, and I really don't want copepods in it.
Furthermore, the show tank is a FISH TANK, and not a SHRIMP TANK, so it's not impossible to have a bug free tank. If I don't thin the herd as much as possible, then the fish won't be able to eat them all.
I just thought of something: Is it possible to do multiple bleach dips until all the pods are gone?
you might want to see a psychologist. you've probably exposed yourself to more chemical harm trying to get rid of these critters than is worth the trouble
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