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Originally Posted by fishykid1 View Post
That's extremely expensive. Try and see if you can't find something. Their online catalog is a pain, but if they don't have it there'y not a use for it.
Unfortunately, McMasterCarr does not ship to Canada unless it is with companies they have been dealing with for a long time (before the policy change to not ship to Canada).

Originally Posted by dbl_dbl17 View Post
I live in Canada, everything is expensive :P
Hear, hear.

Originally Posted by dbl_dbl17 View Post
Tank is 20'' tall. Perhaps I shouldn't add the reflectors then, the only source of carbon I was planning on adding was DIY "Excel".

Would you recommend just installing the bulbs into the gutter with no reflector then?
If you are trying to maintain a lower light aquarium, then I think the reflectors would not be necessary. T5HO bulbs put out a lot of light.


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