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Upgrade 90g discus community

Hello The Planted Tank!Let me preface by saying that the other night I typed up a new thread, tried my best to figure out how to attach a photo. I could have sworn that I submitted it correctly, however I have yet to see it appear anywhere. So if I have another thread floating around this site I apologize. I have been an avid aquarium fanatic for many years. I spend more time on aquarium forums than I care to tell. I have joined many, however this is my first actual post. I have kept fish only tanks, a 10g nano reef, which was converted to a planted tank (terrible failure,) I then upgraded to a 29g (great success.) It is time for me now to upgrade to the 90g, and to keep the king of tropical fish. The loverly discus. I made many mistakes with my first 10g, I can say however that I do have 3 of the original harlequin rasboras from that mess, in my 29, and soon to be into the 90. Let me say first of all, the keys to my success are religious water changes, I quit messing around with DIY co2, and I have a set lighting schedule. I have never had nuisance algae in the 29, I have a magnet scrubber, but have never had to truly use it. I have never really dosed the tank like I should have, I plan to in the 90. I am going to continue the "low tech" method, as it has really worked for me. I really enjoy having a beautiful aquarium and I actually tend to enjoy water changes, I would like to keep the maintainance to trimming plants, dosing, feeding, and water changes. In the 29 currently I have 2 "blush" angelfish, 2 roseline barbs, 7 harlequin rasboras, 5 rummynoses, 5 black neons, 1 rubber lip pleco, 4 corydoras sterbai. And I still maintain a small population of ghost shrimp for a little clean up crew. The filtration is 2 HOB filters, really only using biological, and mechanical. I use carbon when needed. I have driftwood, and 5 different plants, including dwarf lilly, echinodoris, moneywort, wysteria, and I believe some sort of ludwigia. Anyhow, the plan for the 90 is really to get a larger schoal of rummy nose, black neons, sterbai, and few rams, and 5 to 6 discus, red turquoise, and blood pigeon. I will post pics as soon as I learn how of the current setup and the workings of the 90.
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