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Originally Posted by Hidden Walrus View Post
1. Remove shrimp.
2. Drain the bowl as much as possible. Crack the bowl further so you have a larger opening to work with.
3. Using your hands, carefully cup around the soil and lift out portions of plants with soil attached. If your plants have lots of roots, and they probably do by now, the plants and soil should hold together in a few manageable portions which you can then replant in another vessel, with little or no transplant shock. Just try to keep the soil around the roots and don't leave them out of water.
4. You'll end up mixing some of the sand or gravel cap into the soil but it shouldn't be a huge issue. Just recap the exposed dirt in the new bowl, refill, and add shrimps again. The system should stay stable.
Great step by step!
I'm debating if I want to do another bowl at work at this point, if not it'll all go into an empty 10G at home. Not sure yet.

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