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Originally Posted by tryank View Post
Marko! That's the exact light that I have. It says 30" but it has like 22" bulbs? That's the one anyways. I only have one T5 in there, a FloraSun. I like it, but I'm afraid the light is already getting dimmer. Could just be me just being skeptical. Also, I can't find any other manufacturer that makes 22" T5 HO bulbs. So, you're kinda stuck with ZooMed stuff. But I like it for the most part. It's sleek and sexy, and you can dangle it from the ceiling if you so please.
Thanks for the reply. Must acquire some high output! My single 18w fluorescent isn't keepin' pace!

Also, about the 22" bulbs...from what I've been reading, a lot of companies sell ' 24" ' bulbs, but they are actually 22". They are just marketed for their respective 24" hood/fixture. I could be mistaken tho!
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