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Fry Food

Originally Posted by Monk3y God View Post
Hi all! New to the hobby, and have been learning quite a bit, very quickly.

I have seen plenty of places online that sell microworms and bbs eggs, but I have Ram eggs in the tank and I need to source some food for the fry within the next few days. Any LFS that carry this stuff? Will prepared fry food work(Hikari first bites, etc.)?

Thanks in advance.
Hello Monk...

Unless you're breeding rare fish with special nutrient requirements, then save a little and get frozen food at the pet store (LFS). I feed my fry frozen brine and mysis shrimp, bloodworms, krill and plankton. The frozen should have two ingredients: the frozen animal and water. This is the most nutritious. I feed every few hours and the little ones grow very quickly.

Just a thought.


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