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Originally Posted by Francis Xavier View Post
#125 does sound a lot better, doesn't it? I remember why I thought #127, because #126 was a really cool layout in a much larger aquarium by a Japanese shop owner, and I was surprised to score higher.

The whole trip was pretty amazing - I learned how the Sumida guys take care of the world's largest planted aquarium, amazing what you can learn speaking some Japanese! Those guys are the real heros behind that aquarium - and you'll never hear about them outside of that video.

For yellow - up your potassium and iron, remember that the planted aquarium isn't a static beast. Meaning that just because, say, one pump of Brighty K on day 1 is enough, it doesn't mean it's enough on day 30. So you're slowly adjusting over time to compensate.

Of course, maintaining good trimming technique to keep it trimmed shorter helps quite a lot, as the lower portion will die from lack of light if it grows over itself too much.
that is amazing!
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