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You have 2 Ray II's on a 60p. You are going to have algae problems. For a lower CO2/moss and shrimp tank a Fugeray would be good on a 60p. If you can turn up the CO2, a singular Ray II is good. I'm not sure what possessed you to run two of them?

Step one - Remove one of the Ray II's.
Step two - switch to a 5-6 hour photoperiod while you get stuff under control
Step three - You have a lot of BBA which points to low or inconsistent CO2. With two Ray II's, no wonder though. Slowly get that drop checker at least lime green and make sure the CO2 comes on before the lights.
Step four - Remove as much of the BBA as you can by hand. Aggressively trim affected leaves and mosses. Plenty of guides in the algae section on what to do further with it.

Personally? I would return the Ray II's and get a Fugeray. You simply have an astronomical amount of light for your goals.
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