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breeding cherry shrimp

hey guys so im new to the shrimp/ breeding stuff. i found a place close to me with really great cherry shrimp. they're super red but they're like $6 per. i also found another place that sells them for like 4 for $5 but the coloration isn't as great. i was wondering what the outcome would be if i got a small batch of super red ones and bred them with the ones with slight coloration. would i be able to have a batch of shrimp with some decent coloration somewhere down the line? i already bought three shrimp one cherry red (f), one that was labeled as fire red (male), and an orange one (f). the orange one slipped into the bag because the lady and i thought it was red but the color changed when i brought it home. also what would happen if i got an orange and a red to breed together? i kind of want a group of orange cherries too. lmk

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