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Very well, sounds like I'm on the right path so far.

Well years back, when I had my 30 gallon tank set up with a mercury vapor 125 watt bulb and an ancient old HOB filter from the 70's, ( had a noisy shaded pole 110 volt fan motor driving the impeller through a long shaft, seemed like it might have been a Metaframe filter.) that I had the Philodendron in it, it also had a stray water sprite that eventually took over the filter. Now that Water Sprite are impossible to get locally, because of the ban in CA, I've been looking for more semi immersed alternatives.

The Spider plantlets are still attached to the mother plant, I figured I will leave it this way until they get big enough to stabilize themselves. With the amount of wattage I have over this tank a little shade cant hurt.

Curious as to whether my Orchid will do well with it's air roots immersed

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