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I think you are off to a good start with no worries - way ahead of what I've done! I have very soft water, don't bother with TDS reading or anything like that. I do add Seachem Equalibrium to add minerals/calcium without any sodium and some basic fertilizers at water changes.

The whole rimless / super clarity - low iron glass tank thing is for style only. They are glass with silicone just like a regular tank, but thicker glass to avoid needing the plastic rim/bracing and (sometimes) crystal clear without the green tint. If you like it, go for it. If not, stay with regular tanks - the fish don't care and the work is what you already know

A planted tank will be even more forgiving for filtration - but basically over-filter the tank and do water changes when it makes sense. It sounds like your cycle/filter is already done since you have fish in there, but one of the new things is fishless cycling (that was new to me after being away 20 years) - takes about a month, you add ammonia (unscented, no soap) to start your benificial bacteria growing before adding any fish - no more 'new tank' losses or starting with hardy fish you don't want to keep. Full directions elsewhere on this site! Once your cycle is good you don't really have to do anything other than not screw it up and don't overload the tank

The fugeray should fit on a plastic rim too - and they can sit on a glass top as well! You can get a pre-made glass top for your tank these days - standard stuff and edges are polished so no tape needed
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