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Terrestrial plants with air roots in tank..

I forget where I got this idea from, but in the past I've had Philodendron roots trail into my larger tanks.

Presently my little 4.5 gallon nano set up is on a table under a long light hood with a small group of assorted house plants. A Christmas cactus, a rather small unknown variety of Orchid, a rangy old Spider plant and a Amaryllis that goes outside in the summer. The Spider-plant has been putting out plantlets on stalks since we first got it, but I noticed it seems to aim the latest ones at the nano tank. So giving in to a hunch I placed one of the baby Spider-plants on the tank edge with it's air-roots in the water, and in 3 days time it started to put on new growth and the roots have doubled in size.

I suspect I'm not the only one who has done this, is there any chance that Spider-plants could be harmful to the fish in my tank? The fish seem to like the shelter of the roots, ( which now almost cover half the end-glass of the tank, it's grown exponentially in the past 2 weeks..) I've added another pair off the mother plant into the tank as well, they're growing nicely too.

The added bonus to this is the daitoms and blue green slime algae have withered with this latest addition, and the Javafern has really pumped out a lot of new leaves.

So yeah, it seems like it's a really good thing.. Anyone else done this?

Starting small, keeping it simple..(?)
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