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The leaky 5 gallon makes me susceptible to suggestion

So I said I wouldn't have this set up like a normal tank (bottom down). Did that. Said I might not have a pond. Did that. Kinda. Now I have a planted tank in my not-yet-planted tank, so I can plant my tank while I plant my tank...d'oh. I ended up having to put the cracked side facing out, due to stains on the other side. Doesn't seem too noticeable.
Set up next to my other 5 gallon:

The "pond"

And what's this?

The pond all planted up

I really wish I had an erio or even a small piece of blyxia japonica, that would go so well with the tillies. I did order some, but no word on when they'll arrive. Also something to point out, I can't remove the bowl now that there's something in it. To get it in and out of the tank (thanks to the annoying metal frame) I have to put it entirely on its side.
Plants are:
Anubias nana
Crypt. Green Gecko and Lucens
Baby struggling sword plant

But anyways, opinions so far?
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