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Stone's Do!Aqua mini s

I am setting up a Do!Aqua mini s aquarium. This is my first setup but so far everything is going pretty smoothly. Hayden, my brother, has guided me through setting it up, and has a pretty nice aquarium himself,,:Hayden's ADA 45-f: The End. Anyways, I am already about three weeks into the process of starting my aquarium, but it has gone by very fast, seeing as I already have my fish! Speaking of that, my aquarium was created on the idea that it was for a Black Moor Goldfish. That is how my whole idea for it started. My biggest flaw I have encountered so far is the "shelf" that my mini s is on. It is unbalanced from right to left, and it is kind of annoying. But other than that I am pretty optimistic for how my aquarium is turning out!

Here are the specs of my aquarium:
Do!Aqua mini s
Archaea 30cm LED light
Tom Aquatics mini internal filter
Rocks from a nearby creek
ADA sand

--I will probably give an update every 1-2 weeks or so, but with no plants there is not much to update.

(Sorry about the links,but I can't get the pictures to directly upload.)
Main shot:

Shots of Black Moor:

I feel like this is mandatory to upload:[IMG]

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