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New Fluval Spec

Finally got one yesterday and will set it up in a couple of months after deciding on how to set up a small tank again.

A couple of questions:

1. Can I use a timer on the LED light switch? The lights will have to have a timer.
2. Has anyone ever used these lights:
they're for growing plants. They come in 24w - 54W @ 6400K. Could be interesting.
3. Heater. small tank, tropical fish, but it may depend on the lighting.
4. CO2. I have stuff left over from my 66 gal. I'll use that.
5. Best way to cycle the tank. I was thinking of using the medium from my prev tank, but I did have a horrible algae problem. That was the reason I tore it down.
6. I've read that this light supplied has a flimsy bracket and holder. Anyone had problems with theirs? If so, I'll just redesign it.

On my 66 gallon I had before, I used 4 x 40 W T20 bulbs and had 160 W with 2 different bulb types. I'm basically going again for the Amano style tank again, but since I'm limited to a small tank for space, I'm deciding on what lighting to use. Substrate will be the Fluval substrate for planted tanks.

I'm way deep into nothing special.
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