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Originally Posted by foxfish View Post
OK then I am sorry if I made a misleading post! I will get back in my basket!!
I didn't really think for one second I could convince the hard core posters away from the general forum beliefs anyway.
And sorry about quoting Marks tank as a 100cm it is in fact a 120cm!
Limey out......
Incidentally I grew this scape myself with 2 x T5 on for 6 hours a day, note how the glosso actually grows downward & even the plants below the log grew as vigorously as he plant on top of the log...
My Log
I actually think this is an amazing tank - I appreciate your input or I wouldn't have asked the question in the first place.

There are many factors and I focused on light because everything else seems to be growing well save the hair grass.

As for light, I'm using medium-low light for 5 hours and medium-high for 3. I realized that my lights were too close and even after pulling them back it took a long time to get the algae under control (5-6 months). I have been told that I have a deep tank and the taller stemmed plants can decrease the light getting to the substrate so I posted my question here because most of you have more experience.

I have two questions about your tank? How deep is the tank and how far are your lights from substrate?

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